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The Geometry of the Chestahedron

Make your own chestahedron with this template! The chestahedron is a unique volume constructed of four equilateral triangles and three “kite” shapes (quadrilaterals). The chestahedron is unique in that the areas of the triangles and quadrilaterals are equal. The chestahedron … Continue reading

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The Heart

Frank’s exploration of the relationship between form and spirit led him to do deep creative research on the number seven. By applying an alchemical transformative process to his seven-sided form, he has discovered many previously unknown geometric structures that demonstrate … Continue reading

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Chestahedron from Rotating a Tetrahedron within a Cube

This animation shows how the Chestahedron arises when a tetrahedron is rotated within a cube. See below for a large version of the physical construction on which the video is based. People have been studying Platonic forms for 5000 years, … Continue reading