Grail Cup

Grail Cup
Size: 5 X 15 inches
Weight: 9 lbs
Material: Silicon Bronze
Color: Gold, Red and Blue
Texture: Smooth and Rough

Artists have been making and designing Grail Cups for over a thousand years. All Grail Cups up until this time have been subjective designs. This is the first objective design in history.

The form of the base of the Cup comes from milk splash research involving photographing the upward reaction of a drop of milk into a pan of milk. Milk has the same consistency as blood. The Cup’s form comes from the Chestahedron in motion, which is the geometry of the human heart. Of course, the base is supporting the heart, the base is the blood, the blood is supporting the heart. For the first time in the history of Holy Grail Cup design there is now an ascending form. This is the Venus sculpture now representing an open heart, a love for the other, developing our future. Within the open Venus form there are two tourmaline crystals. Tourmaline is the “Christ-stone.” The peach blossom crystal represents the human being who is struggling over balancing polarities in life and the green tourmaline represents the Christ. The Risen Christ, the Love of Christ for us.

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