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Frank Chester is nothing if not inspiring. Read what his colleagues, friends, students, and others have said:

. . . When we study the biography of great individuals who have contributed something rare and unique to human culture, we might ask ourselves:  Would I have recognized or supported such a person before the rest of the world did, had I been given the opportunity?

Mr. Chester is such a pioneer.  His dedication to principles of higher mathematics and geometry through the insights of spiritual science is outstanding. In a model society, someone of the caliber of Mr. Chester would be supported by a major university or similar social structure.  At this time, however, only those of us who have some knowledge of spiritual science and its potential to transform pedagogical, medical, mathematical and technological fields can assume the responsibility to insure that the research of Mr. Chester continues.

We have followed and supported Mr. Chester’s work for over a decade.  Mr. Chester is a remarkably talented person, integrating spiritual insights with highly skilled workmanship.

Patricia Kaminski
Executive Director
The Flower Essence Society
Nevada City, CA

Conference/lecture attendees:

“I am so grateful that you brought Frank Chester to speak!!! Scott and I are still talking about it today . . . his presentation was probably the most dynamic that I have experienced. It was scientifically and artistically incredible – what genius, what interest and curiosity, what humanity and approachability, and what sense it makes of our physical and social and spiritual world. And he invites us to test it! Thank you again.”

“I would like to thank you for a row of stunning experiences. I am still walking around with my head in a spin, my mouth open, and in a state of wonder, and joy and almost disbelief. Thank you for your truly great gift. I feel that I have been taught by the great masters, Plato and Pythagoras, all at once. And I have no doubt that what you have brought us is of no less consequence to the world than what the two great masters brought in their time. I was amazed at how profound it all is. How important it all is and how necessary it all is to have come to the world in this present time with all that the world is going through right now.”

“Frank Chester is a phenomenal human being . . . His art and work inspired me . . . Frank Chester’s video was unlike any anyone had seen before . . . His method establishes contextual relationships between his audience and his work, and within the framework of the geometry he quite literally brings to life. . . People’s thoughts and belief structures were being challenged…”

”The richness of this Meet-Up was not lost on the audience who felt a new mobility enter their thought processes. This was done especially through the gateway of our hearts, which Frank Chester helped open so artfully.”

“This man is a true artist and gave me an appreciation of the flow of water as art. One of our conversations ended with his adamant conviction that ALL life is art. He can skin a pineapple like nobody’s business. Bless you Frank Chester.”

“I have had the blessing to help him with the presentation of some of his work. He is brilliant, passionate, dedicated and is a huge ball of creative energy.”

Comments from the website:

“I still need to do a lot of work, but this may truly be one of the biggest keys behind unraveling the mysteries of consciousness, and in particular, I believe it to hold a lot of importance in DNA as well.  I applaud your efforts in bringing this knowledge to the public, you are an inspiration sir. If you ever come around near Buffalo NY for a lecture, you can be sure I will be in attendance! Your discovery will be remembered as one of the greatest in time I think… Thank you again!”

“Dear Frank,
I was spellbound by the amount of work and the in-depth thinking of your wonderful creations. The cosmic relationships that are shown through your work are incredibly heart-warming.   I hope that you have, by now, found someone, or a few someone’s to take over your all important and vital work. You are often in my thoughts.  And thank you for your inspiration.   With very best wishes,  Peter S.”

Responses from Frank’s students:

“You have EMPOWERED these individuals, who often feel like they get no respect. If this world is about anything, it is about our young people. It has been accurately remarked that you can test the quality of a society in terms of how it treats its young and its old. You have provided a valuable contribution to “the sphere of the young.” Thank you again.” ~ High School Teacher

“In 20 years of teaching, I have only seen once where students gave a speaker a standing ovation — you got two!” ~ High School Teacher

“I really liked the vaguely insane way that seven is worked into everything in the world according to him.”

“It is incredible what this man came up with. By far, he is one of the smartest men I have ever met.”

“I thought that this presentation was one of the most inspiring lectures I have ever heard. The fact that an artist, not a hugely qualified mathematician or scientist, could research, and actually make a seven-sided figure [and] relate it to the planets and the other solids that have been around for a long, long time. . . He was very humble and is doing his research clearly for the benefit of mankind.”

“I was amazed: he is an incredibly brilliant man and I came away dumbfounded.”

“Frank is bonkers! He’s great. As an artist, he’s fabulous. As an exhibit, his art is very, very cool.”

“Mr. Chester was absolutely incredible. I’m not even sure if the word “incredible” captures his unique style of thinking.”

“I thought it was a really awesome presentation, because even after he found his 7-sided figure, he kept going. He kept inverting his shape and playing with it. It’s crazy how everything relates. He has done something incredible.”

“I really liked Frank Chester’s exhibit and the way he presented it. It left me somewhat awestruck that he just happened upon something that has relevance to our universe and our earth.”

“My first impression when I heard that somebody was coming to talk to us about geometry was “ugh”! I thought it would be a boring lecture on things I either didn’t care about or couldn’t grasp. I was totally wrong. It was an absolutely amazing talk on geometry, covering a whole range of things that were totally incredible. I also had a great time listening because it was told in a very interesting way with some awesome visual aides.”

“It was extremely interesting how he found what he found. I was completely blown away.”

“Frank Chester was so inspiring. I’ve never ever met anyone like him. He made me look and think about all the things we’ve learned about geometry in a new way, a good way. . . I was thinking back to when we learned about all the scientists during the Renaissance during Frank’s lecture and he seemed a lot like one of them — always having created new ideas and not giving up until he finds the answer.”

“Frank Chester’s work in my opinion is amazing . . . During the lecture and demonstrations, I was continually in awe. The seven-sided figure alone was awesome, but put together with everything else, this was a fantastic experience.”

“I was really transfixed by what Frank Chester had found. I was expecting it to be boring and very confusing, but found it fascinating. All the things that he talked abut really set me thinking.”