Other Sculptures – 2

Frank, a sculptor by training and by passion, has combined his artistic talent with his love of geometry, yielding creations that are a unique blend of the artistic and the scientific.

Frank offers a number of his unique sculptures for sale here.
You can also view more of his sculptures here.

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  1. Zeb Landon

    I appreciate how much work it is to make these designs and also how endlessly fascinating it is!
    For about six years I’ve had a hobby of constructing and transforming Platonic forms. At first I constructed using bristol board, and later clay, but now I usually just work out my current evolving ideas by gluing together drinking straws in order to mentally clarify an imagined formation, and keep it as a “memoir” for a time. At some point I expect to sculpt a few specimens that are more interesting in concrete or similar material, to place probably outdoors in our BD garden!
    The works posted in your online gallery show me that others are sharing the beautiful path of discovering the properties of form!

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