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If you are interested in supporting the efforts of New Form Technology, or being involved with research at the new facility, please contact Frank at: 415-221-5883, or via our web form.

Donations can be given tax-free through the Raphael Medical Foundation, P.O.Box 2814, Fair Oaks, CA 95628.

Decatria 1Frank Chester, a visionary geometer, sculptor, inventor, and discoverer of the first seven-sided volume with faces of equal area continues to boldly explore geometry as a bearer of wisdom that integrates material and spiritual realities — but much more research needs to be done, and not all of it can be completed by Frank alone.

With the help and support of a growing community, Frank has recently founded New Form Technology: a research organization with the goal of conducting basic research and of developing applications for his and related work. For years Frank has been working alone from his small apartment in San Francisco, but the time has come to take the work forward and involve the community more broadly. New Form Technology is therefore seeking to implement a three-phased strategic plan:

Phase 1: (? Complete!)

  • Acquire research laboratory ?
  • Initial seed grant to begin operations ?
  • Allow donors to give tax-free contributions ?

Phase 2:

  • Funding for materials and equipment
  • Vortexial mixing experiments

Phase 3:

  • Open facility to community involvement
  • Develop marketable applications
  • Identify new and promising avenues of research

New Form Technology has recently completed phase one of the strategic plan with the official opening of the NFT Research Center in San Carlos, CA, due to a generous donation of a suitable building from ADCO Outdoor Advertising. This facility includes a wood/metal shop and work space of approximately 2000 square feet. Additionally, an initial seed-grant of $5000 has been granted to NFT by the Raphael Medical Foundation, a research organization located in California, which is just enough to get the research ball rolling.

NFT is currently converting the facility into a working research lab environment. Once this is done, initial research will concentrate on the CVO (Chesta Vortex Organizer), a mixing device geared towards water enhancement for agricultural, biodynamic, household, and medical use.

NFT is now actively seeking funding and support for phase two of the strategic plan. 

This involves the planning, fabrication, and testing of alternate designs. The funding goal for stage two is $25,000. This goal includes allocation for the following:

  • testing/measuring instruments
  • municipal utilities
  • metal and wood supplies/fabrication
  • staff requirements
  • insurance
  • computers
  • miscellaneous motors
  • small water tanks
  • clear plastic tubes and spheres

Phase three has a funding goal of $60,000, which will allow NFT to gear itself towards full scale production, testing, marketing, outreach, and coordination with other organizations and universities. Ultimately NFT wishes to make the laboratory available to the wider community for collaborative research efforts that are oriented towards bridging scientific, artistic, and spiritual modes of working.

The importance of Frank’s work is being noted, but deserves much wider attention.  He was invited to share his discoveries both publicly and privately at the nation’s premier design school, the Rhode Island School of Design, which subsequently acquired a Chestahedron to be a part of their permanent collection. In 2012 Camphill Ghent purchased a Venus Bell as a centerpiece for their new senior living community in New York, and the Ruskin Mill Educational Trust helped Freeman College cast a Chestahedron Bell for their own grounds in England.  The decatria is being used as a template for a new kind of beehive form, and Frank has inspired new endeavors via a research residency program offered through the Threefold Educational Center. The mathematics of the Chestahedron have been independently confirmed by Dr. Karl Maret and Ronald Milito. Furthermore, the Mathematical Section of the Anthroposophical Society has recognized his lasting contribution to the development of anthroposophy, and has purchased a Chestahedron to be a permanent part of Dornach’s collection at the Goetheanum.

If you recognize the importance of this kind of work that bridges science, aesthetics, and spirituality, please consider supporting its development. You can get involved in a number of ways:

  • Invite Frank to give a lecture or workshop in your community.
  • Attend a lecture or workshop.
  • Purchase a Venus Bell for your organization or school.
  • Purchase a Chestahedron or other sculpture.
  • Purchase one of Frank’s high-quality art prints.
  • Donate to the shared studio research space effort.
  • Spread the word about Frank’s work.
  • Take up the principles behind the work and apply them to your own research project!

If you are interested in supporting the efforts of New Form Technology, or being involved with research at the new facility, please contact Frank at: 415-221-5883, or via our web form.

Donations can be given tax-free through the Raphael Medical Foundation, P.O.Box 2814, Fair Oaks, CA 95628.


  1. Mark Terpstrta

    I would love to be on your email list.

  2. John Roan

    Hey Frank: It is your old buddy from PC, John Roan. I ran into Ed Moraski in Arroyo Grande. They were telling me about you and your Art. I am so happy for you. I always thought you were a great guy and good friend. I was forced to retire due to a foot injury in 2008. Marcie and I have moved to Arroyo Grande. It was so great to here about you and your success. Please email me back so we can talk about old times. John

  3. Rev. John S. Frank

    I am simply in awe of your journey of exploration and profound discovery. Having had a pacemaker implanted in 2005, and since then have explored on my own the new field of Neurocardiology and Doc Childre’s Heartmathand now your work. I truly wish I could dig into my vast account of monetary wealth and help nurture your vision of a Shared Studio Research Space. However I cannot at this time. I humbly and sincerely offer my offer of service in whatever capacity I can manage to further the proliferation of the magnificent work you have helped manifest. I have lived my life in my head predominantly and with a good heart. It is about time we understood this life and world “through”our hearts guiding our minds instead of the opposite. Thank you so very much for all the time and energy you have devoted to this exploration. NAMASTE!

  4. Nzinga Myton

    Hi Frank how are you? Nothing ever impressed me, however I am intrigue by your work. I was watching your videos over and over trying to find out whats the connection with me. I can feel it pulling me. I am not an architect by far lol…. I’m a Fashion Designer but I would like for you please explain more about that building you design about the heart. Did you make a mini one? I would love to find out more about it or even make a mini one .
    Awaiting your kind respond Nzinga Myton

    My number is 561-401-6103

  5. I would like to hook you up with a science institute which has plenty of rooms (it’s an old school) along with metal and wood working machinery. He’s a friend of mine, perhaps you may wish to get in touch with him, an old friend of mine, Dale Pond. He works with vortex mechanics and sympathetic vibratory physics. I just sent some info about you to him and feel this is a match to seriously consider. Here’s his website:

  6. Marvin Gilbert

    Just a great appreciation and a grand interest in your work. I once had a dream that I was dropped or plunged in water that somehow restored me and seemed, in the dream, to be in use for this purpose. I am familiar with Richard Hoagland’s work and theories concerning Hyperdimensional Physics, being the unlimited energy source that can be tapped into from the void using spinning bodies, such as planets. I’m certain the conections are many e.g. “Heart” Chakra (Merkabah), Planetary body revealing upwellings of energy at 19.5 deg, Saturn’s northern polar cloud Tetrahedron formation, Mr. Emoto’s work with water and the consciousness that has revealed itself there in tetrahedron crystals……These are indeed strange and wonderful times.Thanks to your work, more of the secrets are available for those with a heart to appreciate them.
    Simply, Amazing!

    Peace always!

  7. Oskar Almar Gudmundsson

    Our Heart is on my Mind.
    I am looking at how to use sacred geometry principles as community model for a global cultural shift.
    The model will be imbedded as a seed, inside SG Mandala Gardens, containing SG architectural facilities, minerals, medicinal plants and other living species, creating resonating fields.
    Presently I am looking for a supportive environment with a location to work with these principles and for cooperative networking inside a “Collective Mastermind”.
    Sacred Geometry is the Creative Universal principle that can and will bring us back to our ethical origin and way of life.
    It is a language, that we must remember and communicate in every way possible.
    Thank you for your work, it touched me deeply.

    Home is where the Heart is.

  8. Linda Borch

    Amazing – I’m touched <3

  9. Sherry Morse

    The elegance of being informed by your work. Thank you.

  10. andy

    Hi frank.. im truly amazed at your work and what was pulling you in the directions you went… whats next

    My thoughts are to look for stronger connections with phi, energies, electromagnetics.
    have you looked at michael tellingers work.
    there could be an energy grid link

  11. Hey Frank I would love to get a hold of you to ask some questions about your New Form Technology Research Foundation and the Chestahedrons you’ve been developing out of orgonite. Yup Im the guy who showed you the ChestOrgonite piece at the lecture you gave up here in Seattle a few years ago Hope your doing alright and have the time to get in touch with me, I would like to donate some of my platonic solids to the foundation and possibly take a tour of your facility next year sometime:) Here is a website with my Orgonite- Cheers!

  12. Julien O'Brien


    i made a video of making the Chestahedron

    thank you very much for sharing your knowledge

    Kind Regards,

    Julien O’Brien

  13. Gaston

    I love your work. This is true research.
    This document may help you. Recently translated from old Sanskrit Vedic Math scripture explaining how the universe is constructed using pure Math without any empirical inputs, and with stunning precision.
    Thank You and hope to hear more of your discoveries.

  14. Moana Henry

    Thank you sincerely , the Intrinsic integrity of your service .

  15. Charles Murrell

    I am familiar with your work ,and it’s implications to the occult sciences, and I would be honored to assist with It’s Promotion on Twitter. If interested….use the Twitter Search Box on your Twitter Account Page and Search my Twitter Account…. @GalaxyCrown1…. for a better perspective. Feel free to email any thoughts; ideas or proposals you may have on the matter to

  16. David Styles

    Hi frank, love your discoveries…………..I’m thinking of ways of making furniture using your discoveries for healing purposes……am i aloud to go ahead and do this?

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