Chestahedral Rings

Another 96 chestahedra later, (actually fewer are needed because part of the ring is already built – if you are landing on this page, visit the background for this form here), and the following form appeared:

(Click any image for larger version.)

Chestahedron Rings-1
Chestahedral Rings-1
Chestahedron Rings-2
Chestahedral Rings-2
Chestahedral Rings-3
Chestahedral Rings-3
Chestahedral Rings-4
Chestahedral Rings-4 – Notice the wonderful oval shape and eye-shape.
Chestahedral Rings-5
Chestahedral Rings-5 – Two ovals and an eye
Chestahedral Rings-6
Chestahedral Rings-6 – An “X” shape
Chestahedral Rings-7
Chestahedral Rings-7 – Many different forms can be seen from different angles.
Chestahedral Rings-8
Chestahedral Rings-8
Chestahedral Rings-9
Chestahedral Rings-9 – detail of inner ring surfaces meeting
Chestahedral Rings-10
Chestahedral Rings-10 – Notice the wonderful heart shape on its side
Chestahedral Rings-11
Chestahedral Rings-11 – detail
Chestahedral Rings-12
Chestahedral Rings-12 – close up
Chestahedral Rings-13
Chestahedral Rings-13 – outside meeting detail
Chestahedral Rings-14
Chestahedral Rings-14 – fore and aft mirroring
Chestahedral Rings-15
Chestahedral Rings-15 – triangles everywhere!

I have not (yet) made the obvious third ring, let alone a full chestahedral sphere.  This involve a lot of paper, tape, and time.  However, I did discover some fascinating new forms…


  1. Hector ramos

    Its very interesting the 96 petaled chakra matches the 96 chestahedron ring by seth miller and seths chestasphere if it had 960 chestahedron would be the petaled chakra or crown chakra and the chestasphere could be a metaphor for the earth covered with 960 chestahedron pyramids if you look at the the work of alex putney and his websight he has a theory of a worldwide pyramid grid that regulated human heartbeats worldwide using the pyramids seth miller has just found the shape of the seven chakras imagen a chestahedron ring front view ring with a chestahedron edges drawing in the middle of the chestaring its a yantra mandala with the bindu dot in the middle is metaphor for the decatria inside the chestahedron

  2. Hector ramos

    Frank my name is hector ramos from new york city a merchant marine at sea left detroit to japan im half japanese and puerto rican frank you should contact the radio show coast to coast with george noory he has millions of listeners he deals in esotheric ans science seth miller and you could go on promoting seths book .google coast to coast with george noory .another websight you should see is click on pyramid on the page its mirroring your heart research clue the great pyramid was tuned to the human heartbeat sink ?with a chestapyramid im at sea this message was fowarded by satphone please email me i have a question can an alphabet script can be made of the chestahedron edges only you said syllables can be seen what are does syllables pleas email me it will be fowarded to me to satnet

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