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Book on Frank’s work Published

The first book on the work of San Francisco artist, sculptor, geometrician, and teacher Frank Chester, written by Seth Miller, is now available. 74 pages, hardcover, linen cover with dust-jacket, printed on high-quality photo paper. Purchase the book (hardcover or … Continue reading

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An appeal for funding a book on the human heart

AN APPEAL – to the readers – FOR FUNDING A BOOK to be written offering a new understanding concerning the Human Heart and addressing related perceptions and unresolved questions within the medical profession. A Little Background Frank Chester is an artist, sculptor … Continue reading

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TheEcoChef radio interview with Frank Chester

Frank was recently featured in a two-hour radio interview with Sharon McGrail of TheEcoChef, discussing the discovery of the Chestahedron, what it is, and what it relates to. Listen to the interview on BlogTalkRadio or download the .M3U file to … Continue reading

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The New Sacred Geometry of Frank Chester

This article, written by Seth Miller, Ph.D.c. was recently written for the Science to Sage International eMagazine. It introduces the work of Frank Chester and explores how the special seven-sided volume with faces of equal area — the Chestahedron — … Continue reading

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San Carlos Research Laboratory

If you are interested in supporting the efforts of New Form Technology, or being involved with research at the new facility, please contact Frank at: 415-221-5883, or via our web form. Donations can be given tax-free through the Raphael Medical … Continue reading

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Frank exhibits at the Goetheanum’s Einszueins Exhibition

Dornach, Switzerland.  A light cube becomes a receptacle for new geometry, a storage closet becomes an artist’s studio.  The work of Frank Chester is all about transformation. From one perspective, the Goetheanum’s Einszueins exhibit brings Frank’s art, created in San … Continue reading

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2010 Research Residency Update

Research Unlike the natural sciences, spiritual science is still developing its research methodology. Threefold’s Researcher in Residence program provides researchers the opportunity to dedicate substantial time to high-level collaborative investigations in the etheric realm. The 2010 Threefold Researcher in Residence … Continue reading

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Chesta Vortex Organizer

Frank Chester has invented a device, designed upon the geometry of the chestahedron, called the Chesta Vortex Organizer (CVO). The CVO is meant for utilized in biodynamic preparations, stirring, mixing, aeration and bioaugmentation. The device has two moving forms turning … Continue reading

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Welcome and Intro

Frank Chester is a master teacher, sculptor, and geometrician. In the year 2000 he developed an objective, lawful process using science and art wherein the invisible world could be made visible. The inspiration for this work came from his visit … Continue reading