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NFT at San Francisco International Gift Fair

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Thanks to all of our Indiegogo Campaign contributors and supporters, NFT is going to be at the Moscone Center for San Francisco International Gift Fair, August 2-5!  We’ll be in booth 575.

NFT has a whole slew of new and unique items to offer: Chestahedron Jewelry, the Geometric Still Point Pyramid, CVO Tea Brewer, Phi-ratio Calipers, Geometric Twister Toys, Chestahedron Orgonite Sculptures and Chestahedron Candles, not to mention a number of Bronze Sculptures and Prints by Frank Chester.

Check out www.sfigf.com for more info about the Fair, and please call Faith Moore at (909) 935-9787 if you have any questions.  This event is for retailers/wholesalers only.


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  1. loNe

    dear Frank,
    …i ve just watched your hour presentation, from a YT vid, im flabbergasted

    …i have been fighting with hieroglyphs interpretation, and knew *something* must keep the soul imprisoned [inside the physical heart] ; perhaps the blood…or a vortex… but i could not find the concept of whát…. but in the same cluster-meanings [ certain groups of glyphs represent a certain concept] , there is ‘bell’… ‘upside down’…’spindle’… [the glyph pictured having] THE SAME FORM AS YOUR KITE….- just let me work it out okay, because i have to go now through all of them again, with thís concept in mind ; and i get back to you….

    with many thanks – and for what its worth : i need to confirm you that indeed it appears you hit the jackpot with your concept

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