1. Patricia Fenkell

    Dear Frank,
    Have you ever read the book Initiation by Elizabeth Haich? I read it years ago. Haich writes about an experience of laying in the sarcophagus in the King’s chamber intoning musical intervals that fall naturally, resonating within the different “chakras” or chambers. While laying in the sarcophagus she rather disappears for a time, becoming somewhat crystalline in nature (my memory of that passage) before regaining her every day consciousness. I closed the book on that passage with the impression that the pyramids and the various chambers had a much broader purpose than I had formerly imagined.

    I no longer had the book, or I’d loan it to you.

    Reno, Nevada

  2. Nina ochoa

    Is the capstone a new building design or is it the same design of the mystery center you already lectured on if its a new building when will it be posted on your sight im from miami cuban jewish i saw a fractal star of david on you tube that made all the letters of hebrew alphabet have you found any alphabet that can be made from the chestahedron or chestahedron drawing i heard you found syllabels this will be a big find a new sacred script for a future religion and culture based on the chestahedron i found your websight by mistake or by faith im a retired physicist i worked on carbon 7 google carbon 7 last supper its very interesting do im jewish

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