1. I was introduced to your work through Chris Horner. He spoke to me of your dynamic aeration design, based upon the geometric pumping action of the heart. I can see that you are an astute student of design and biomimicry, bringing together exoteric and hidden elements that can be most efficient, elegant, and with a level of biological insight and integrity that begs for applications. I may have some. Look forward to meeting with you

  2. What a joy to see the Vesica used to describe the heart.

  3. diego

    just to thank for your greats research-works

  4. Rere Sutherland

    Dear All,
    I love this work and am so grateful to you Frank and to everyone else giving support. If I were living nearby I would be in on a Wednesday to make some contribution. I guess I’ll have a look at what I can do from here beyond the sharing I am already doing.
    Much loving warmth,

  5. jana

    i feel like spamming this comment board with thank you messages, instead, i’ll put it in bold: THANK YOU for cracking it sir

    from the heart, most gratefully
    my best wishes to you and your team


  6. Alexander Wadeisha

    I have made my own chesterhedron with the measurements provided am looking to see if there are any available for sale with 7 cm or 9 cm side length of the triangle. regards Alexander

    • Steven Mathias

      Hello Alexander,
      We do not have such a template for sale but you can use the directions provided on the website and enlarge (or shrink) them to your desired size. Thank you for your interest and happy working with the Chestahedron. Please let us know what you discover.

  7. James Chu

    Where can I find the mathematical proof that the area of the kite section is the same as the triangle action? I tried to prove it myself, but couldn’t solve the math. Thank Frank for such a wonderful discovery!

  8. Mark Frear

    Is there a template available to make a decatria

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