1. I was introduced to your work through Chris Horner. He spoke to me of your dynamic aeration design, based upon the geometric pumping action of the heart. I can see that you are an astute student of design and biomimicry, bringing together exoteric and hidden elements that can be most efficient, elegant, and with a level of biological insight and integrity that begs for applications. I may have some. Look forward to meeting with you

  2. What a joy to see the Vesica used to describe the heart.

  3. diego

    just to thank for your greats research-works

  4. Rere Sutherland

    Dear All,
    I love this work and am so grateful to you Frank and to everyone else giving support. If I were living nearby I would be in on a Wednesday to make some contribution. I guess I’ll have a look at what I can do from here beyond the sharing I am already doing.
    Much loving warmth,

  5. jana

    i feel like spamming this comment board with thank you messages, instead, i’ll put it in bold: THANK YOU for cracking it sir

    from the heart, most gratefully
    my best wishes to you and your team


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