Dynamic Balance in the Heart

Frank Chester’s Michaelmas Talk given on September 29, 2011 at the Threefold Auditorium in Spring Valley, New York.  This lecture covers Frank’s insights, based on his research into the new geometry of the heart, into what it means to “defeat the dragon” in our own day and age.

Frank’s talk began the Threefold Educational Center’s 2011 Research Symposium “LIVING QUESTIONS: Exploring the Role of Individual and Community in Spiritual-Scientific Research”.  Information about this event and upcoming details (as they become available) can be found at http://www.Threefold.org/research.

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    I am 54 years old , engineer from chile and interest in participate on a seminar if mr chester comes to south america,

    i have some spiritual experience with my etheric heart and the sun while sleeping and when woke up remeber and feel my heart expanded plenty of energy and bliss

    thank you very much

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