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Chesta Vortex Organizer

CVO-bannerFrank Chester has invented a device, designed upon the geometry of the chestahedron, called the Chesta Vortex Organizer (CVO). The CVO is meant for utilized in biodynamic preparations, stirring, mixing, aeration and bioaugmentation. The device has two moving forms turning in opposite directions, 90 degrees from each other.

Frank has been given the opportunity to test the new device at Environment Ventures Marketing, Inc. in the Philippines during the month of August. He has been invited for the first time free access to a professional laboratory environment which includes scientists, engineers, fabricators, and machines to produce and test many of his ideas.

The results of some of these studies and test data will be presented at the Annual Conference of the Biodynamic Association, Sept.30-Oct 3 in New York.

(UPDATE: Video of the CVO in action in the Philppines below:)

Chesta Vortex Organizer

Chesta Vortex Organizer





  1. Louise McMahon

    The vortex
    Hi Frank,
    after reading your website – the vortex created by the chestahedron at 36 degrees – I thought of flowflorsm that are used in biodynamics.
    the flow form models I have seen have an inverted shape similar to the image at the top of your website. I see you have developed a device for mixing biodynamic preps – I would be interested in a flow form model in the shape of your chestahedron vortex.
    Looking forward to hearing from you

  2. walter

    half ayear ago I met “chestahedron”.I’m still studying all different aspects.Beeing a swiss MD I have very few time, but heart and biodynamics are topics I’m living for years with!
    Chestaedron will follow me or I so do I.I’m expecting every news on the subject, thanks Frank Chester and followers!

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