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Alchemy refers to the mechanics of transformation that govern all changes in life. These transformations occur in stages that have distinguishing characteristics, which form a response to a question posed by the thematic elements as indicated.


Earth – What is different?
Water – What is changing?
Air – What is reversing?
Fire – What is integrating into a whole?


If we can manage change that occurs in life by cooperating with the unnderlying laws that govern change, then here we have an opportunity to regain equilibrium and a healthy relationship with change in these tumultuous modern times rather than having polarities control and disintegrate our lives.

For more information on this alchemical process, visit Seth Miller’s Spirit Alchemy website.

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  1. charlie Morrison

    Very interesting work you are doing. I find it fascinating that you have discovered a three dimensional figure with seven faces and seven points made up of three, four pointed two dimensional figures and four, three pointed two dimensional figures at the centre of the human form.

    I am also intrigued by the way the rib cage comes from twelve points at the back to seven points at the front. Have you done any research in this area or do you have any thoughts on this?

    Charlie Morrison.

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