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Sacred Geometry Video

The following video, broken into four parts and taken with the support of The NetworkM, provide a summary Frank’s geometrical work and the alchemical process by which he develops the forms.






  1. Louis Nuyens

    I am fascinated with this work. I have just made what I think is the ‘dual’ of the chestahedron. It has ten faces . Could you correct me if wrong. Thanks.

    The seven vertices touch the sides of the chestahedron, so it seems right.

  2. Sorry Frank!
    I found you here …
    Thank you I’ll have a lot to look at now.
    Love is

  3. Dear Frank!
    I was watching your videos and I remember Karl explaining your 7 side platonik body a bit like you did. Thank you for your ongoing with this platonic body work started by some other people befor. I love your question of the seven side form … for my bithchart starts with seven … a very dynamic number… to find it back in the heart is quite something … andI like it. That is realy a wonderful work you’ve done. I want to ask you if you give workshops or seminars with that you’ve showed in your videos … for I need to see it all infront of me and maybe touch your forms and feel them for I really want to get more into it. As you may be able to see on my http://www.side bormia.de I’m working with water and found a system made by nature itself … I copied a natural body and made a system out of it that works wonderful. Paul Schatz was my starting point and also some others. But you went much further and did not stop where others eneded… I want to see you and your work to study it a bit more … the videos are a bit to quick and not precise to see all your wonderful object …
    I might come to the sates soon and maybe see you … is there a seminarschedule you could send me? Where are you located?
    Love is continuing through all of us.

    Nadeen 27.10.2010

  4. helmut


    you have a very nice site about secret geometry.

    Of cousre i want to give you a very new and exciting tip about unknown and very old Light -knowledge about Secret Geometry, Flower of Life and Holy Grail.

    Please take an intensive look to the german book with the title: Gralsstein der Stein der Weisen.

    There you can find the very best about Secret Geometry. So much better than the books from Drunvalo Melchizedek or Jeanne Ruland or any other author.

    With best regards,
    Helmut from Germany

  5. FRANK
    Thank you for taking the time to go through this.
    I LOVE how you see and think through form.
    I am inspired from watching this.

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