Meditative Visualization on 5 and 7 © 2009 Frank Chester. All rights reserved.

Meditative Visualization on 5 and 7

The chestahedron establishes a unique relationship between the numbers 5 and 7. This is embodied in the five prints that Frank has made which explore this theme via two interpenetrating circles. The following visualization brings out different characteristics of the relationship between these two numbers, between the centric and peripheral, between the inner and outer, between form and dynamism.

Read more about the meaning behind these prints here, or see how this geometry creates a cyclical relationship between the numbers five and seven in this animation.

Please scroll down to watch the animation, which should automatically start after a moment.


  1. Mary Jo Harkins

    So glad I made the effort to go to Santa Fe on the 9th. It was so inspiring and I needed to rethink my prayer life and move to a MORE POSITIVE PLACE IN MY HEART.

  2. alberto meriz

    muchas gracias por el trabajo publicado si algun dia quieren venir a chile cuenten con mi apoyo

  3. alberto meriz

    thanks for your enlighting work, if you want to come to chile please advise so I can assit

  4. Richard Nunez C.N.C

    Hoping to bring you Frank to Chico Ca in the spring. A group of us that are wellness practioners have began to plan your arrival here. Mitakuye Oyasin ( We are all related)

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