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Chestahedron as a transformation of a tetrahedron

This animation visualizes how the chestahedron comes into being when a tetrahedron is “opened up” like a flower. As the tetrahedron opens, it becomes the chestahedron, finally becoming a stellated octahedron. The stellated octahedron fits exactly within a larger tetrahedron that is exactly double the size of the original tetrahedron. The chestahedron then comes out of the tetrahedron and spins into the bell shape. The first animation should automatically play when loaded. Click on the other two for different views.

Camera view #1:

Camera view #2:

Camera view #3:

This sequence was also physically constructed. Click the images for larger views. Notice how the small yellow tetrahedron’s top point moves upward in four successive stages, each of which is constructed as a separate model. The chestahedron form arises when the small yellow tetrahedron’s top point has moved to the midpoint between its original position and the top of the large tetrahedron.


  1. Connie Gretsch

    I am a creativity parent coach and art therapist. I think your work is amazing, actually beyond amazing.
    I would like to put your website link on my website under creativity. Would this be alright with you? My work is influenced by Rudolph Steiner, Alfred Adler and the Reggio Emilia schools.
    Thank you

  2. Dr. Mohsen Hourmanes

    I am an Architect in California. I am quite inspired, aspired and emoted by your work. I would like to be in touch and Dialogue with you.
    10Q PHI much for your original and raw genius you have brought to earth for our deeper understanding.

    With Pure Gratitude, deeply Grateful to you, I remain

    Dr. Mohsen

  3. jonaliza

    wow! this is really amazing… am still confuse though but this is something a math major or math teacher should know…

  4. Sapa

    Fractal building block?!

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